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Strength reversed how someone feels about you

Two of Cups reversed —Upright, this is a card of emotional connections and bonds between two people. John Dubose Jr. - Tarot of the Missing It would be easy to mistake the King of Cups as a masculine card, but given the Cup suit addresses emotions in.

Beware! There is still time to rectify when Strength reversed appears in your draw. Change yourself before the world plans to break you or destroy you. Strength Reversed Future: If the Strength Tarot Card is appearing in reverse order in your future, then it is a warning. Strength Tarot Card warns you that you would be ignoring yourself in the. AN:Hey people. Hope you're enjoying Strength:Reversed, so far. I'm thinking this story will last about ten chapters? I'm kind iffy on the ending. I'm split between Lavenza giving in entirely, and going with a bad end, or having Lavenza gain her freedom, likely with Akira dying.


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If you are asking about how someone feels toward you, they may feel undecided, uneasy and tense around you. Two of Pentacles as a Strength . The ability to write and communicate back and forth, yet never come to the conclusion of meeting, which for a love reading does denote it going anywhere. ... The Two of Pentacles reversed indicates a lack.

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